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Flexibility and fast delivery

John Forlev A/S is a leading company within the rental of iron surface plates in Denmark, with 26 rental depots. A reliable partner where service and flexibility are some of the watchwords in our daily work. 




We offer a wide range of steel plates:
2m x 3m x 14mm Weight 672 kg
2m x 3m x 20mm Weight 960 kg
2m x 3m x 25mm Weight1200 kg
2m x 3m x 30mm Weight 1440 kg
2m x 4m x 40mm Weight 2560 kg

1,5m x 4m x 40mm  Vægt 1920 kg

1,5m x 5m x 40mm  Vægt 2400 kg


We rent out plastic plates in sizes:

VM48 1,22 x 2,44 Weight 39 kg
VM38 0,91 x 2,44 Weight 29 kg
VM28 0,61 x 2,44 Weight 19 kg